Our lightweight and simple harness offers you comfort, flexibility and maximum durability. From freestyle to huge rotations in big winds, the AMP can handle anything you throw at it.

The EVA back pad gives protection and support to the rider. It has a built in suicide leash and keeps you ready for any action. The BUSB spreader bar has an integrated knife pocket and everything is padded with soft neoprene to elimiate any pressure points. When comfort is key, take a turn on the AMP.

Construction details

  • – SOFT-EDGE Technology: no pressure and stress points, everything is padded with soft neoprene
  • – LIGHWEIGHT: A special material mix with focus on best strength to weight ratio results in an extrardionary light weight harness technology
  • – BUCKLE UP SPREADER BAR: The next generation of the “Spring Loaded Bolt” offers maximum comfort on and off. Best ergonomic and function ever!