The all new Volt 2 doubles up on protection and comfort with a new cut that gives you ultimate freedom to move.

The generous amount of support comes from the GA 3D triangulated load bearing points that allows the bar to spread the loads over the entire support system. The new 3D look and feel will impress all users!


Shape details

Revolutionary outline and styling-details set this harness apart from the rest. The integrated double strap construction makes it easy to adjust to your favorite settings. The flex and contour of the Volt 2 makes you comfortable both on and off the water.

The EVA support cushion is nicely integrated into the inside of the harness making it one of the best harnesses available. It comes with the BUSB v2 spreader bar to spread the loads- it also comes with the LQR function, a quick release for the LEASH to disconnect from your kite if things get ugly!


Construction details

  • – SOFT-EDGE Technology: no pressure and stress points, everything is padded with soft neoprene
  •  3D2: The Double 3D shaping gives maximum support and integrates lumbar comfort
  • – VIBRA-TECH: A optimised shape and special material mix ensures best function for lumbar back area.
  • LQR: The integrated Leach Quick Release offers more safety and keeps you out of potential trouble
  • BUCKLE UP SPREADER BAR: The next generation of the “Spring Loaded Bolt” offers maximum comfort on and off. Best ergonomic and function ever!