Pacer & LTD’17




The Pacer is ready to go when you are! Step on and let her take you upwind with power and control.

No matter what the wind conditions, this board is ready to handle the demands of light wind fun or high performance blasting!

A versatile easy to turn, fun to ride game winner!


  • G10 Fin
  • 2x 34cm Slalom G10 in front
  • 1x 32cm Slalom G10 in back



  • 1 Nonskid, Artwork, Paint
  • 2 Biaxial / Carbon
  • 3 PVC
  • 4 Fiberglass
  • 5 Fiberglass Reinforcement
  • 6 Fiberglass / Wood Reinforcements
  • 7 Bullet Proof EPS Core

Nils Stolzlechner

This free ride machine takes bits and pieces from the Jet board and capitalizes on early planing combined with a smooth ride to generate lightning fast speeds! It has a very high speed outline that lets you take the top end as far as you want.

There are extra inserts for center strap location. Tuttle boxes allow for different fin combos. The Pacer comes stock with high power G-10 fins and a top of the line quality glass fiber construction sandwich is reinforced with wood on the deck and hull in high stress areas.

This gives the best balance of strength to weight ratio on the market. Finished off with a soft EVA foam deck gives extra comfort to this incredible board.

* Estimated Weights.  Weights are given (+) plus or (-) minus 10%. This makes allowance for possible pre-production differences.