90 SEVEN’17




Performance waveriding in all conditions! The 90seven offers up a blend of classic surfing and modern all wave tuning. Whether it´s 1ft or 6ft the new 90seven will offer the rider controlled drive in the bottom turn and easy release and incredible snap of the top.

Brand new for 2017 the 90seven is our best ever performance all-rounder. Whether you’re a pro or looking to progress the new 90seven has the speed and agility for you to go vertical and find the most critical section of the wave no matter the conditions.

In bigger waves a fast rocker line and forgiving outline allow you to maintain the speed and control you need for big bottom turns. In small waves a faster rocker and compact length keep the 90seven manoeuvrable enough to go vertical and throw buckets of spray from the smallest of lips.



  • Compact small wave performance
  • Large wave carving performance
  • Easy to use all-rounder
  • Classic turning performance


Extra Accessories*

*not included

White Wave Pad