Max ’18


A performance allrounder for the everyday rider looking for surfboard with performance to progress.


The 90Seven Max looks to blend easy access with pure wave performance. The perfect choice for free riders looking for a surfboard style shape or wave riders to take their performance to the next level. A fast rockerline and forgiving volume distribution help get you planing early and keep you comfortable on your board no matter what the conditions are. More width throughout the outline of the 90Seven Max will get you planing longer: perfect for the days when the wind is not its best or the waves are fatter and slower.

Whether it´s the real-world waves of the North Sea or a trip to the beaches of Cape Town the Max will maximise your water time no matter what conditions are on offer.


|  Easy to use, easy to control
|  Suitable for Small to Medium Wave
|  Packed with drive and stability for user friendly turning
|  New Bamboo construction, durable, lightweight and beautiful



  • 1 Nonskid, Artwork, Paint
  • 2 Glass Cloth
  • 3 Bamboo Wood
  • 4 Fiberglass
  • 5 PVC
  • 6 Fiberglass Reinforcement
  • 7 Bullet Proof EPS Core