Pact Board ’18



The Pact is our high performance freestyle board. Developed with 3x European Champion Mario Rodwald it constitutes a premium construction that doesn´t cut back on anything. The wood core and carbon stringers minimise weight and deliver huge pop and direct feedback. Mario added an extra stringer throughout the whole top to prevent negative flex when riding in boots. Choose the right stance from 73, 77 or 81cm.

The continuous rocker and the fiberglass construction absorb even the heaviest landings. Furthermore, the channel and concave construction allows you to ride smaller fins and provide maximum control on landings. This same rocker and outline also make the Pact the ideal choice for high wind or rough water freeride cutting through chop and keeping you in total control of your board.


| explosive pop
| maximum control on landings
| light weight carbon-fiberglass construction
| 3D channel and concave construction
| 3.5mm Wakestyle fins




  • 1 Nonskid, Artwork, Paint
  • 2 Fiberglass
  • 3 Carbon
  • 4 Woodcore (paulowina, exotic wood)