Leo Holland


nameLeo Holland
aboutI starting kitesurfing when i was 12 which was 11 years ago now and am loving watching the sport grow and develop while being a part of it. My initial goal was to go a top freestyle rider but as time went on and prioritys changed i set my heart on opening a kite school(s). So happy days- i opened my first kiteschool in Zanzibar when i was 19 and now on to a second called Uhuru Kite Zanzibar, and life couldnt be better!
career highlightsFor me working hard to learn and grow a business has had a great many benefits, id say my biggest highlight in reality was going from instructor working 7/8hours a day teaching to opening a school and 1 year later having 3 instructors and not having to teach unless i want too, this was after all one of my biggest objectives...
favourite sailsGA PURE
favourite boardGA WATTS
words to live byFollow the wind, follow your heart