Kiting since 2011. In winter I kite in Ireland where I can go big with winds over 30kts. In summer I focus on freestyle in Zanzibar. Off-water I am a Computer Science student in Dublin. After I finish my studies I want to travel the world to find the best kite spots!

Alex Niznik

Freestyle/ Twin Tip /Boots

Alexis Guzman Montan

My father teached me kiteboarding in 2003. I made some years of freestyle and race competitions in Italy and than I quit to finish my studies in Milan. Now finally I start to tavel a lot and work following my passion for kitesurfing and surfing all around the world.
Love freestyle and wave.

Giorgia Notaro

Starting as a water kid when in 90th’s l discovered my passion for windsurf with the legendary sail Heat wave Gaastra. After 9 years windsurfing everyday in Aegean Sea, l had to give a break to get my contemporary music degree, coming back to the water in 2008 to find the great world of kitesurfing in all the disciplines and coming across once again, with the wonderful gear of GA after 29 years to be my companion in this journey as a waterman, felling the luckiest for still living my passion everyday .

Sureyya Dogrular

Wave-riding and freestyle

Franka Tempelaar

Kite now, work later

Marcel Glaser

Style: Strapless
Vibe: The search for perfect waves in rural Canada

Mark Moore


Domenik Pickard

I starting kitesurfing when i was 12 which was 11 years ago now and am loving watching the sport grow and develop while being a part of it. My initial goal was to go a top freestyle rider but as time went on and prioritys changed i set my heart on opening a kite school(s). So happy days- i opened my first kiteschool in Zanzibar when i was 19 and now on to a second called Uhuru Kite Zanzibar, and life couldnt be better!

Leo Holland

i’m in love with kitesurfing since 2014 and for last 4 years enjoying it with GA.
big air is what i like the most.

Marcin Bachrynowski

Windsurfing since I was 5 and started kiting by the year 2000 in Portugal. During the next years I dedicated my life to kites at an international level winning some PKRA and KPWT events. At the moment riding all types of boards and foils while being a Race Director for the GKA events and a Judge for the GKA and GWA world championships.

Rui Meira


It doesn‘t matter if I‘m going for big air, wave riding, freestyle or wakestyle. I am just happy to be on the water.

Phil Caspari

Leonard Zippel

Kitesurfing is the best thinks in my life! There is nothing better than playing with the elements. The water under your feet, the air that gives the power and the fire in the heart. Become one with nature and ignore everything else. Nothing frees me anymore and makes the sun child in me shine so much like that!

Andre Weber

In 2014 I started kitesurfing and was totally in since day one. My goal was to have fun on the water. Since then it became a total lifechanger and I even started am small kitebusiness with UGoKite Deutschland. There I’m selling kitelinemounts for perfect kitephotos and videos.

Tim Reinisch

Since 2012 I am addicted to kiting. I love to send megaloops with the kite as low as possible on short lines and in winter you can even go bigger while snowkiting in the alps. The feeling of that yank during a loop is what makes you feel alive!

Moritz Küng

19 years experience in sports photography and his addiction to kiteboarding leads to stunning kiteboarding photos and countless publications in magazines. Jens always has to find the correct ratio between standing behind the camera and go kiting.
“The greatest in kiteboarding as well as kiteboarding photography are the endless options offering by different spots, weather and light conditions. The
mix of perfect flat water freestyle condtions and down the line conditions in clean peeling waves as well as rough caotic conditions is the reason why each kite session is unique and fascinating.”

Jens Hogenkamp

Daniel Borowczak

Started windsurfing with 3 years
Gaastra since my first day on water

Dominik Cordts

Started kiting in Easter 2019, since then I love kiting and being at the beach. When I was a little kid I learned surfing. Gaastra since day one! Doing gymnastics and dancing a lot.

Roxy Cordts

Freestyle and Oldschool

Frank Lorenz

David Hoeck

Malte Jessen

old school – freestyle

Florian Hoermann

Nicklas Engel