WINGS 2021

Two brand-new wings from Gaastra offer performance, control and easy handling for beginners and ambitious wingsurfers alike. Both are based on the same powerful concept, but with a window in the canopy, additional reinforcements and more handles, the Cross is especially suitable for less experienced wingsurfers and freestylers. The Poison impresses with an extremely light construction, lots of power in light winds and perfectly balanced flagging-out, which makes it the wing of choice for wingsurfers in waves.

Experience the Barsystem X6

One bar does it all! The Barsystem X6 provides the perfect mix of performance, lightness and durability for each of our kites and many more. A clean design with a tough construction allows you to enjoy the full performance of your kite setup throughout a long lifespan.
The X6’s thin diameter of no more than 23mm and the grooved EVA coating add a soft touch and comfort during long sessions in different kinds of conditions. Depending on your kite’s size and individual preferences, you can choose between the X6 Bar with a width of 46cm or 52cm. Compared to its predecessor we redesigned the Quick Release System with a smoothly turning swivel and added a PVC-Tube as coating to the depower rope, which extends its durability. You can easily change from a 21m to 24m line setup by adding the homogenous 3m extensions.
The Barsystem X6 ensures a safe session, comfortable grip as well as light and direct feeling in your hands in all kinds of conditions. Check your 2021 kite’s specs on our website to see, which model suits your kite best.

ONE kite for superb light-wind performance!

The ONE has been providing low-end power and control on twin tip and directional kite boards for years and is available in a wider variety of sizes for the perfect foiling kite setup from now on.
An extremely light construction with one strut, combined with a profile specifically designed for light winds and the low-drag wingtips produce a lot of power and allow you to go upwind with ease. You’ll be able to enjoy a very agile and sportive handling thanks to the progressive arc and the progressive profile distribution over the wingspan. The stable flying characteristics impact the performance in light winds positively and result in easy controllability, when the wind picks up.
Our development team transferred these features from the existing 14m2 and 17m2 models into the new 6m2, 8m2, 10m2 and 12m2 ONE sizes, which allows lighter riders to enjoy the performance in light winds on twin tip boards and most importantly provides foil enthusiasts with the perfect kite for their session above the water surface. Find out more about the ONE and its specs on the respective product page.

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